Why do we have different boxes and what are the differences between them? Read it in this article.

Immune box

The Three different boxes of Gingershot – The Original

At Gingershot.store we offer three different boxes. These boxes have been carefully composed to get the optimal effect from the ginger shots. Each box has a different goal associated with it. In this article you can read which goal belongs to which box.

Detox box | (15x Gingershot – The Original)

This box is designed to properly clean the intestines. The box contains 15 Ginger Shots of 100 ml each. It is best to drink the shots in the morning on an empty stomach. So right before breakfast. You can immediately consume food or other drinks afterwards.

By eating and drinking, dirt sticks to your intestinal wall. This accumulates and ensures that you absorb nutrients less well. What a sin of course! You want to make the most of all your nutrients. Gingershot – The Original ensures that this dirt comes loose and is removed. How this works Well… There are 3 ingredients in our ginger shot. Namely, ginger, apple and lemon. Apple contains pectin, which ensures that dirt soaks loose from the intestinal wall. Lemon then provides the real cleaning and ginger ensures better absorption of the nutrients. The goal is to properly cleanse your intestines, so this process is called detoxing.

Immune system box | (30x Gingershot – The Original)

The focus of this box is on strengthening your immune system. This resistance box contains 30 ginger shots of 100 ml. You should also drink this on an empty stomach in the morning for best results.

After your intestines have been cleaned, it is important to let them do their job properly. Your intestines are responsible for the absorption of nutrients. So the cleaner the intestines, the better the absorption of nutrients. Sounds logical right?

How do you improve your resistance? Well, the moment your body has to work less hard to absorb nutrients, you have energy left over. Your body is more likely to work on vital functions such as your immune system. The ginger ensures that you absorb nutrients better. So the goal is to increase your resistance.

Box-to-share (60x Gingershot – The Original)

The box-to-share is a real boost for body and mind! Besides the fact that it is cheaper than the other boxes, the strength of this box lies in repetition. Of course you can share this box with someone else to buy ginger shots cheaper. But if you keep the box all to yourself, you ensure a constant improvement of your body and mind.

You give your body the chance to build up more energy and boost the associated resistance! The Box-to-share is therefore ideal for working on improved health every day.