How to use Gingershot - The Original

When do you drink it? How do you store it, and for how long do you use it? All the answers are written in this article.

How do you use Gingershot – The Original best?

We often get the question how best to use the ginger shot. This is a logical question and deserves attention. That is why in this short article we explain how to get the maximum effect from the ginger shot.

How does it work? 

Shake well first This is important because the ginger sinks to the bottom of the bottle. The ginger will simply mix again with the rest of the contents by shaking well.

Put it in the fridge Make sure you put your ginger shots in the fridge before drinking them. They do not need to be kept refrigerated, but drinking them chilled makes the taste wonderfully fresh.

Drink in the morning on an empty stomach We highly recommend to drink the gingershot in the morning on an empty stomach.
You do this because you benefit from better absorption of nutrients into your body for the rest of the day. Which will result in more energy.

Drink every day To get the maximum effect from the boxes, it is important to take them every day. This ensures a structural improvement in your health.

Repeat You can drink Gingershot – The Original every day for as long as you want. The advice is to drink a maximum of 1 shot per day. This is because there is enough ginger in it for your daily amount. Exceeding this is not recommended.

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