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Yes, a ginger shot is healthy. This is apparent from many clinical studies that have been done with humans and animals. Ginger is packed with antioxidants. A ginger shot works excellently as a natural anti-inflammatory, against nausea or intestinal complaints.

Gingershot the Original is a natural product, made exclusively from natural extracted raw materials. Usually everyone should be allowed to drink Gingershot the original. If you are still in doubt because of certain medication, always consult your doctor.

A Ginger Shot is a small drink (shot) of 100 ml consisting of Ginger, Apple & Lemon. We highly recommend drinking the ginger shot in the morning before breakfast or at least 30min before consuming a healthy meal.

A ginger shot protects the stomach and intestinal mucosa, the active substances include Shogaol and Gingerol.

Detoxify (detox). Detoxing or detoxing is a commonly used term for cleansing the body of waste products or toxins.

No, The sugars in the ingredients list are solely natural.

No, things will get very messy. Gingershot the Original is bottled in glass bottles of 100ml and they will break eventually.


No, the only ingredients are ginger, apple and lemon. Nothing more, nothing less.


The shelf life is 1 year after production, we guarantee at least 3 months of shelf life after ordering.