Are you wondering what the benefits are of drinking a Gingershot every morning? We will explain it in this article.

Start every morning with a Ginger Shot. Drink the gingershot on an empty stomach for optimal results. What happens if I drink a ginger shot? You cleanse the body, which is also called detoxing. The cumulative effect of ginger, apple & lemon ensure that toxins will be neatly removed from your intestines. By doing this your body doesn’t have to work that hard to get rid of the toxins. Which will result in more energy. You will soon feel ‘fitter’. 

Gives an Energy boost:

Your body will start to cleanse the body after drinking the ginger shots. In the intestines, toxins that stick to the intestinal wall (especially from unhealthy food). It costs your body a lot of energy to clean the intestines. The ginger shots help you to stimulate the intestines immediately in the morning on an empty stomach and to remove the waste products. This gives you more energy during the day!

Increase your resistance

The most important health benefit of Gingershot – The Original is of course increasing the resistance. How does this work? If the resistance is not optimal, this is due to a shortage of nutrients, antioxidants or vitamins. We therefore recommend drinking Gingershot The Original in the morning on an empty stomach every day. “A shot a day keeps the doctor away”. Another benefit of ginger is better absorption of nutrients, up to 200%! You will experience less appetite which will help with weight-loss. Gingershot is packed with vitamins and antioxidants. More info: (#Ginger)