Gingershot - The Original
About us

Let’s start at the beginning.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the owners of
Hessel van Toor & Jochem van Toor
I also call these men millennials with a vision. 


I’m going to explain that to you.
The Toor brothers had a plan, a plan to make a product.

But what…?

They had drawn up a number of requirements that the product had to meet, the most important of which was:
“It has to be good for everyone, not just the product itself, but from start to finish. 
From the extraction of the raw materials to the end users. Everyone should be happy and satisfied with this.”

It all starts with the farmers, they work hard to deliver quality fresh products.
Then you have the employees who ensure that the correct amounts of fresh ingredients are neatly bottled and are provided with our etiquette showing the ingredients, nutritional value and best before date.
The ginger shots are then sent to our storage facility where they are neatly stored before they are sent to consumers and companies.
The ginger shots are packed in glass, therefore the packaging of the packages is done carefully so that the package is not damaged during transport.

As a producer, you naturally have the choice to bottle the ginger shots in glass or plastic.
The Van Toor brothers believe that single-use plastics are outdated and that they also affect taste and quality.

Reason enough to choose glass over plastic.
The disadvantage is of course the costs, as a producer you pay per bottle ‘deposit’ in advance, this is so that our glass bottle can be deposited in the glass container. Plastic is of course cheaper and also a more practical solution.
However, this does not fit the vision of the Van Toor brothers of
Also a shame if you ask me, the farmers work hard to deliver the natural product as tasty and fresh as possible.

The Toor brothers of are proud of the product they have developed.
Taste and quality are central and you can taste this in the shots.


Hessel van Toor

Jochem van Toor